"Come Closer, Give Me Space"
Exploring our Wounds of Abandonment and Invasion in Relationships (in Spanish)


The wound of abandonment manifests itself in many ways. It can show up as jealousy, disappointment, and frustration when things are not the way we want them to be. It may show an addiction to harmony or an inability to be authentic and set limits. It can also show itself as an inability to heal from loss or rejection and instead slip into addictions or depression.


The wound of invasion also manifests itself in many ways. It can manifest as an inability to be in a relationship, need for constant space, lies, isolation. It can also be seen in excessive guilt, inability to set limits or excessive boundaries.


In general, in our relationships, we attract the opposite pole from ours. 


These wounds respond to two basic needs, which we all have: our need for connection, and our need for freedom and individuation. When we were not nurtured in one or both of them, we go through life looking for our relationships to fill that hole, that wound that was made long ago.


When these wounds are not deeply understood, explored, and felt, it can lead to painful relationship dynamics, a general lack of fulfillment in life, and even bitterness and resentment.


In this webinar, we will explore the origins of these wounds, we will see the strategies we use from them to avoid feeling the pain they cause, and we will explore ways to heal them by withdrawing our expectations from others.


The wound of abandonment is a deep inner sense of emptiness and lack of connection. The wound of invasion is a feeling of lack of space and even rejection.

When they are triggered it is an opportunity to work on them, to achieve a much deeper inner connection, or a much freer inner space.

You can find the recording of this webinar, on demand, in the Video section.