MARCH 2021

Are you longing for an intimate relationship?

Are you in a relationship (with a partner, or boss, or parent, etc) that is not fulfilling you in the way you would like?

Are you in a relationship where there is not more intimacy, or juice?

Is the communication between you not flowing, there are lies, or mistrust?

Is there jealousy or/and the need for space happening to either/both of you?

Are expectations are sabotaging the relationship?

Have you done or said hurtful things?

Do you feel stuck and are afraid to make a move, or to hurt the other person?

If you responded yes to any of these questions, this program might be for you.

All too often our efforts to find and sustain love result in conflict, disappointment and frustration. We find ourselves repeating the same painful patterns over and over again.

This workshop addresses the sources of all our conflicts and difficulties in relationships, particularly, our insecurities and our fears of intimacy by providing specific tools for resolving conflict, learning to set boundaries, expressing our needs clearly, and dealing with disappointments.

We will learn tools to trust ourselves and get rid of conditioning and blockages that don’t allow us to be free, as we carve the way to deeper meditation.

Through teaching, inquiries and guided meditations, we will explore these conflicts, opening a door for ourselves as we become empowered and learn how to create intimacy. By going deep within, we can connect with our essence and through this connection, our life can change.


Vanina Kala Waizmann


Contact me at: if you have any questions.

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