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Besides the struggles of puberty, sexuality, addictions, etc., adolescence is a period where we start developing patterns related to past experiences that might have created shame, fear, and other wounds in us. However, it is also a great period to work on these patterns and wounds before they become rigid and more difficult to dissolve.





Adolescence is a wonderful period of social engagement, creativity and intensity. Is it easy? Not really. That said, it can be juicy and filled with deep exploration and connection. And it can actually be lots of FUN.


We would love to help you transition such an important period of your life in an easier way and I have developed a program to support you in doing so. 


Together, we will have:

- Teachings to clear your doubts. Information and knowledge provide a lot of relief when you go through this period. Emotional literacy helps too. Hormones will make you feel an intensity you haven’t felt before and having more tools to be with your emotions will help you stay grounded and develop inner space. Your relationships, and your current way of relating with your parents and friends might change. It can be scary, but it is normal and so we will explore healthy relating too.


- Q & A to get all the answers you need and explore your own experience of adolescence.


- Meditations to settle and explore your inner space.


Online via Zoom



- What is going on in my body? Anatomy. Hormones. Fertility. Body Changes. Body Shame. 

- What is going on with my emotions? Emotional literacy. Shame, Fear, Joy, Anger, Sadness. Addictions. Risk Taking. Creativity & Potential.


- What is going on in my relationships? Relationship with parents, authority, peers. Healthy boundaries. Consent. Healthy relationships. First Love. Sexual Orientation.


- Sexuality, Intimacy, Exploring my body and energy. STD’s. Safe Sex. Contraception.

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Umbria, Italy, 2022


This workshop approaches three basic wounds: the wounds of shame, shock and our fears of separation and abandonment – the source of all our conflicts and difficulties in relationship, as well as the difficulties of that specific stage in life.


Through guided meditations, teaching, and carefully designed sharing exercises, we will work together on returning and connecting to our own essence.


This five-day workshop is residential for adolescents of age 15 to 20 years old. It will be in English (option for an Italian translation is pending).


The workshop will take place in a beautiful center located in the heart of Umbria, Italy.

Course price: € 580. Early bird price before April 30th 2021 - € 530.

For prices for accommodation please contact Le Torracce:


The Facilitators:

Madeleine Gauffin:

I am a licensed psychologist and psychotherapist working with individuals, couples and groups.

Inner child work, co-dependency work, EMDR and meditation are ways to connect with your heart, your true being and your longings. They are also roads of discovery and exploration for fears, insecurities and traumas. Living with an open heart, finding the courage to embrace your vulnerability, and turning towards love is an authentic way to live.

By not escaping from what we feel and exploring those emotions, we get into our lives and we find an authentic way of being and expression. Learning Love is a deep and transformative approach, where body, soul and emotions all have equal space.

Kala Vanina Waizmann:

Dr., MS., Spec. - Doctor of Psychology, Specialized in Individual and Group Psychotherapy, Masters in Science in Non Profit Management. Certified Learning Love Institute Teacher.

I am a Researcher and Psychologist with an integrative approach, combining techniques to tailor a process specifically for the client, and taking their life experiences as part of their process of growth.

In my work I combine my academic teachings and research with the spiritual one. For more than two decades now I have been dedicated to understanding, learning, teaching and spreading what I have learned.