Dealing with Stress, Anxiety and Trauma.
Exploring our Wound of Fear in Relationships (in Spanish)
3rd of December - 6PM ET (Miami)

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In our time together, we will explore the fears we carry inside and begin to learn to work them so that they do not paralyze or limit our lives.

Our fear can manifest itself in many ways: as bodily or sexual dysfunctions, panic, diseases, collapse and paralysis, difficulty relating and as hyperactivity, agitation and severe mistrust, among others.

Fear has its origin in past traumas but we continue to carry it in our nervous system and continues to affect our lives today. Many of us may not even be aware of these traumas or how deeply they affect our lives.

In our time together, we see how to work and begin to heal this wound. By understanding how this wound works in us, and making room for it in a loving and compassionate way, fear becomes a door to reconnect us with our essence.

It is possible to bring light to this topic of fear, understand where it comes from, and gain tools to begin to heal it.

This is the 4th and last webinar of the bundle ABC of Conscious Relating, and you can already find the first three webinars on demand in the videos section.

I invite you to the webinar, in Spanish, on Friday, December 3rd.

Getting out of this trance is moving from fear, to freedom.