We were all born into a loving connection with our body, but for many of us, at some point in our lives, something happened that caused us to lose it.

We may have mistreated, criticized, rejected, stopped looking at it or caring for it.

Or we may have found ourselves exercising excessively or dieting to make our bodies look a certain way, thinking, "If it looks good, I'll be loved."

Or we may have used it to get something, or someone, and only later realized that it was not suitable for us.

Or maybe we got sick, or we have some chronic pain, or we went through surgery and then we had to go through a long and painful journey.

Or maybe we used our bodies to protect ourselves from others, when our limits weren't strong enough, wrapping ourselves in a layer of fat or muscle, like armor.


And all this is accentuated when we find ourselves in front of another. The other mirrors our wounds, which are ours, but which become visible in contact with that other.

Our shame, our difficulty in setting limits, our hunger for connection, our fears of being invaded or abandoned, etc., so many things become visible when we interact!.

This is not an invitation to isolate ourselves, not to activate the sleeping wounds that we have inside, but to take advantage of our relationships as a door to bring awareness and work on those inner places where we are not free.

When you see yourself isolating yourself, when you see yourself anesthetizing yourself with addictions so as not to feel, working non-stop, pleasing when you don't feel like it, hiding so as not to face your shame or for fear of being humiliated, or left, or invaded, etc, it is your door to slow down and work on yourself.

The key to break free from your wounding is in your hands.

During our time together we will uncover how we relate to our body when we connect to others, observe if we disconnect from ourselves and we will explore ways to reconnect and honor our body.

Through teaching, meditation, movement, and open sharing, we will experience what it feels like to be free as you are and connect to your body in a shared space of vulnerability and love.​

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The Facilitator:

Vanina Kala Waizmann:

PhD., MS., Spec. - Doctor of Psychology, Specialized in Individual and Group Psychotherapy, Masters in Science in Non Profit Management. Certified Learning Love Institute Teacher.

I am a Researcher and Psychologist with an integrative approach, combining techniques to tailor a process specifically for the client, and taking their life experiences as part of their process of growth.

In my work I combine my academic teachings and research with the spiritual one. For more than two decades now I have been dedicated to understanding, learning, teaching and spreading what I have learned.