Reconnect to your Essence
Activating the Power through Reconnecting with Yourself


I created this program to accompany you on the beginning of your transformation towards a fuller life, with healthy relationships and inner space to deal with the difficulties that may appear.


I recommend this program if:


  • You are in a relationship that does not work or that does not flow, that lost its juice, or even mutual respect. Perhaps there is no longer intimacy, you lie to your partner (friend, partner or family member), you hide, you blame the other for your pain, you withdraw, etc.

  • You have been dissatisfied with your work for a long time. Your current job is stressful or boring. You have conflicts in it or it doesn't work the way you want. You've noticed a while ago that things can't go on like this.

  • You feel that life lost all its juice and you need a change but you don't know where, or even if you know it, you are afraid of taking that step.

  • You are afraid to make a decision out of fear of failure, guilt, shame, or fear of being rejected.


Even if:

  • You want tools to be able to learn to validate and manage your emotional world.

  • You want to improve the relationship with yourself, understand yourself better and activate the best version of you.


If any of these sentences resonate with you, I invite you to take a free 15-minute consultation to see if this program is right for you.


In our process together you will:

  • Understand your difficulties in life and relationships, start a healing path by developing and strengthening resources to take the necessary steps towards the change you want to achieve.

  • Get tools to heal and reconnect with your essence.

  • Create inner spaces of relaxation.


Who I am?

Hi! I am Vanina Kala Waizmann I have more than 18 years of professional experience helping people to break free from old wounds and return to their essences, in love, freedom and, in healthy relationships.

 - Doctor of Psychology (ARG)

 - Specialist in Individual and Group Psychotherapy (ARG)

 - Postgraduate in Statistics for Health Sciences (ARG)

 - Master in Management of Nonprofit Organizations (NY, USA)

 - Certified Therapist of the Learning Love Institute (AZ, USA)

 - Individual Therapist for Adolescents and Adults.

 - Facilitator of Seminars and Meditations in USA, Italy, Austria, Argentina, India.



Sessions are online via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime

Payment method: In advance, by transfer or credit card.

You can send me an email at to enquire about this program.