Do you feel inadequate and like a victim?

Do you give up, not finish or sabotage what you begin, or avoid taking risks?

Do you reject people before they can reject you or avoid deep intimate relationships, so you don’t have to face the possibility of rejection?

Are you rigid in your beliefs about life?

Are you exhausting yourself with work?

Do you think you don’t have anything special to offer at work?

Do you feel unattractive or boring, or too much, too alive, too loud that no one will ever love you?

Do you feel bad about your body image or age?

Do you constantly compare yourself to others?

Do you let others mistreat you?

Do you use alcohol, cigarettes or drugs to disconnect or relax?

Is it difficult for you to set limits?

Do you find yourself saying things to impress others?

Do you find yourself in relationships with unavailable partners, or people that disrespect you, that don’t value or see you?

Do you isolate yourself because of shyness?

Do you find yourself begging for love or attention?

Do you find yourself always being the caretaker or savior of your family, partner or friends?


All these are signs of shame. Shame attacks our life energy and potential to live fully as a human being. It is possible to bring light to this topic of shame, understand where it comes from, and get experiential tools to start healing it.

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