We work in the development of different “products” and programs in this growing field of consciousness, wellness and new societies.

Some ideas (activities) might include the following:


- Design and implement seminars in the field of wellness and spirituality and integrative/functional medicine.

- Design and implement formal academic quality programs in the field of wellness and spirituality and integrative/functional medicine. We have already developed some standard programs for Universities in Argentina:

     - Psychotherapy and Meditation

     - Fundamentals of Integrative wellness practices and Lifestyle medicine.

     - Functional nutrition, Gut brain axis and Mind body science.

- Organize workshops open to the community and parallel retreat activities

- Organize symposiums on the related topics.

- Develop a Research Unit/Program (for universities) and adjacent grants, to conduct rigorous science Research to provide science based evidence for integrative health policy, programs and practices.

  1. Manage and coordinate proper alliances with other organizations in complementary fields (such as Integrative or functional medicine, for instance)

  2. Eventually create an early stage seed/venture fund with focus in deep tech and wellness, so that the University could be a pioneer in the field of entrepreneurship and business development oriented to this market and industry.


We are looking forward to educating both the public and healthcare professionals, as well as providing science based evidence for this consciousness /integrative approach. Our proposal includes working in designing a broader strategic plan after an initial benchmarking of competitive programs around the world.

About us:

Mariana Berenstein, PhD, MBA, is currently a consultant and investor for deep tech industry, with more than 15 years of experience in Research and Management level positions in both public companies and private companies. She has been a Buddhist meditator for 20 years and a yoga practitioner. As a chronic disease patient she researched a functional-integrative medicine approach herself and is currently working in projects combining

science and spirituality for wellness and health.

Vanina Kala Waizmann, PhD., MS, Spec. Doctor of Psychology, Specialist in Individual and Group Psychotherapy, MS in Non Profit Management. Supported by research, study and her spiritual journey, and using knowledge gained from both academic and eastern philosophy, she has spent the last 17 years researching, teaching, leading seminars and counseling people worldwide, supporting individuals in the areas of consciousness, meditation and wellness.