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The ABCs of Consious Adolescence

Sesiones en pareja

Besides the common struggles of adolescence (body changes, hormones, sexuality, mood swings, relationship challenges, addictions, etc.), adolescence is a time when we start to hard wire patterns related to past experiences that may have caused shame, fear, or other wounds to develop within us. It is also a great opportunity to work on these patterns and wounds before they become rigid and more difficult to resolve.

Adolescence is a wonderful time of social engagement, creativity, and intensity. Is it easy? Not really. That being said, it can be very enriching, full of deep connection and exploration, and a lot of FUN.


(4 Part Online Workshop)

Easy Answers for Difficult Times.

I would love to help you transition through such an important and decisive period of your life, and I have developed a beautiful program to do just that.

There will be:

- Teachings to help clear your doubts. Information and knowledge can bring great relief when you are going through this period. Emotional literacy helps too. Your hormones will make you feel an intensity that you have not felt before and having more tools to be with your emotions will help you stay grounded and develop inner space. Your relationships and your current way of interacting with your parents and friends may change. This can be scary, which is normal, but we will work on building healthy relationships.

- Q&As to get all the answers you need and to explore your own experience of adolescence.

- Meditation to explore and expand your inner space.


What is happening inside my body? Anatomy. Hormones. Fertility. Body changes. Body shame.

What is happening to my emotions? Emotional literacy. Shame. Fear. Joy. Anger. Sadness. Addictions. Taking risks. Creativity and potential.

What is happening in my relationships? Relationship with parents, authority figures, peers. Healthy boundaries. Consent. Healthy relationships. First love. Sexual orientation.

Sexuality. Intimacy. Exploring my body and energy.

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