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Reconnecting Lovingly with my Body 

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Reconnecting lovingly with my body

We were all born with a true, loving connection to our bodies. However, for many of us, something happened at some point in our lives that caused us to lose that connection.
We may have mistreated, criticized, rejected, stopped noticing or caring for it.

Or we may have found ourselves dieting or exercising excessively to make our bodies look a certain way, thinking, “If it looks good, I will be loved.”

Alternatively, we may have used our bodies to get something, or someone, and only later realized that they weren’t right for us.

Or maybe we have experienced frequent bouts of sickness or chronic pain, or perhaps we needed surgery and endured a long, painful recovery.

Perhaps we have used our bodies to protect ourselves from others when our boundaries did not feel strong enough by armoring ourselves with excessive muscle or fat tissue.

Whilst our bodies are constantly communicating with us we may be out of tune with what it needs – knowing when to move, when to rest, when to eat and not to eat, who to spend time with and who not to spend time with.

We may have compensated or used distractions for so long that it might seem too difficult or even impossible to find a way out.

During our time together, we will explore and discover the ways that we have disconnected from our bodies and how we have mistreated or neglected them. Together, we will embark on a gentle and loving journey of reconnection.

Through teachings, meditation, movement, and a space to share, we will experience what it feels like to inhabit a space of vulnerability together.

We invite you to embark on a journey where you are free to be who you are
and to love your body.

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