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The ABCs of Healthy Relationships (In Spanish)

Sesiones en pareja
The ABCs of healthy relationships

All too often, our efforts to find and sustain love result in conflict, disappointment, and frustration. We find ourselves repeating the same painful patterns over and over again.
This 4-part workshop addresses the sources of our conflicts and the difficulties we experience in relationships, particularly relating to our insecurities, fears, and need for space or connection. It also provides specific tools for building healthy relationships.

Part 1

The Model

Exploring Vulnerability and Protection.


This is part 1 of The ABCs of Healthy Relationships Workshop.
In this webinar, we will explore the difference between living from a place of protection to being open and vulnerable. By understanding how our compensations were established, we will embark on a journey to become conscious of our early patterns and wounds and continue the journey to reconnect with our essence.

Consider the following questions…

  • Do you long for an intimate relationship?

  • Are you unsatisfied in your relationship with your partner, boss, parent, etc.?

  • Are you in a relationship that has lost its intimacy, its juice?

  • Are you experiencing miscommunication between you? Are there lies or mistrust?

  • Are either or you feeling jealous or a need for space?

  • Are expectations sabotaging the relationship?

  • Have you done or said hurtful things?

  • Do you feel stuck and afraid of making a move or hurting the other person?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, this might be the webinar for you.


In this webinar, you will:

- Become conscious of the relationship dynamics that you attract and create in your life.

- Understand the mechanisms behind these dynamics - where they come from and how they were constructed.

- Discover tools for building healthy relationships.

The webinar is the first part of the ABCs of Healthy Relationships workshop. It is designed both for people who are in a relationship and those who are not and who want to work on their significant relationships (couples and others).


This webinar consists of a psycho-education component, a guided meditation to integrate learning into the body, and a space to share or ask questions.

This is the first webinar of the ABCs of Healthy Relationships program.
It can be found on demand in the resources section.

ABC de las relaciones sanas / Disfruta los 20 primeros minutos gratis

ABC de las relaciones sanas / Disfruta los 20 primeros minutos gratis

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