Vanina Kala Waizmann

Vanina Kala Waizmann, Dr. of Psychology, MS, Spec.

I am a Doctor of Psychology and a Specialist in Individual and Group Psychotherapy. I also hold a Masters degree in Nonprofit Management.


I offer individual sessions and lead groups and webinars worldwide (for adults and adolescents), focusing on the topics of conscious relating, and the wounds of fear, shame and abandonment.


As a professor and researcher, I developed instruments and presented and published numerous articles on the topic of the therapeutic relationship. I am one of the founders of FUNICS, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support research in social sciences.

Supported by research, study and my spiritual journey, and using knowledge gained from both academic and eastern philosophy, I spent the last 17 years researching, teaching and counseling people, supporting individuals to find a new way of living, from limitation and stress to freedom and joy.


I dedicate my life to supporting myself and others reach their potential. I use an integrative approach, combining techniques and processes tailored to each client, and utilizing their life experiences as part of their growth process.

I live in Miami.

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