Vanina Kala Waizmann

Vanina Kala Waizmann, Dr. of Psychology, MS, Spec.

I am a Doctor of Psychology and a Specialist in Individual and Group Psychotherapy.


As a professor and researcher, I have developed instruments and presented and published numerous articles on the topic of the therapeutic relationship. I have a Masters in Non-Profit Management and I am one of the founders of FUNICS, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to support research in social sciences.


Supported by my studies, research, clinical experience and personal spiritual journey, I have spent the past eighteen years researching, teaching, and supporting people to find a new way of living, helping individuals to break free from outdated patterns, and transition from a place of limitation and anxiety to one of freedom and joy.


I offer individual sessions and facilitate groups and seminars for adults and adolescents worldwide, in-person and online, focusing on the topics of conscious relating, and the wounds of fear, shame and abandonment.


​My integrative approach combines techniques and processes that are tailored to each client, supporting individuals to reach their full potential and live the lives they truly want to live.


For appointments and enquiries, please email me. I look forward to hearing from you.



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