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Vanina Kala Waizmann

About me

Informal Bio

Hi, I'm Vanina Kala.
I was given the name Kala in India; it means “art.” The full name is Prem Kala, “the art of love.” It has been said that the name we are given does not express who we are, but rather where we are going.
And whilst it is true that loving is an art, I sometimes think it should be “the art of loving yourself,” because in order to love, you must first love yourself.


I began my journey in psychology immersed in study and focused on gaining more and more knowledge, because I believed that was the way to become the best therapist I could be. I now understand that all my postgraduate degrees, awards, and publications were not about being better, but about feeling better about myself. 


My turning point in life occurred when I visited India and began exploring and including meditation and other non-academic practices into my daily life and, later, into my practice.


I am now convinced that what helps the most, is a combination of my passion for my profession, the knowledge I have gained through my academic studies in western psychology, and embodied through non-academic therapies and meditation, and the love that I pour into every individual and organization that I have the privilege of working with on a daily basis.


And in the end, what I teach and transmit day by day, case by case, workshop by workshop, is the art of love and the art of loving ourselves.

Formal Bio

Vanina Kala Waizmann living

Vanina Kala Waizmann

PhD, MS, Spec.

Vanina Kala Waizmann holds a PhD. in Psychology (Universidad de Buenos Aires),

a Specialization in Individual and Group Psychotherapy (Universidad Maimónides, Buenos Aires), and a Masters in Science in Nonprofit Management (New School for Social Sciences, NY).

For the past 20 years, she has worked with individuals, couples and groups of adults

and adolescents around the world, focusing on the topics of conscious relating

and the wounds of fear, shame, and abandonment.


As a professor and researcher in Argentina and the United States, she specialized in the topic of therapeutic relationship, developed instruments, and published numerous articles in scientific journals.


Supported by her studies, research and clinical experience, and inspired by her own personal spiritual journey, she founded and now directs Living with Totality.

This platform helps people and organizations to reach their full potential

and transition from a place of limitation and stress to one of totality.


Her integrative approach combines techniques and processes that are tailored to the needs of each client and organization, supporting them to thrive and evolve, free from blockages and constraints.

Please click on the link below to see her full resumé.

Full bio
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