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What is the Learning Love model? | Living With Totality

The Learning to Love model was founded by Krish and Amana Trobe., when in 1995 they created the Learning Love Institute. The basic principle of the model is to help people reconnect with basic self-confidence and learn the art of healthy relationships, achieving deep, committed and sustained intimacy.

Krish and Amana learning love

Krish and Amana Trobe

This model allows us to:

  • Learn to deeply accept ourselves with all our insecurities and fears.

  • Stop believing that we are deficient and defective and start appreciating who we are.

  • Experience deep love and intimacy in our lives, both with ourselves and with others.

What does the Learning Love model consist of?

The work combines the teaching of meditation with the direct experience of states taken by our early wounds, an intensive internal investigation, psychological teachings, specific exercises and the awakening of vital energy repressed, in an atmosphere of relaxation and acceptance.

This work is a highly specific, gentle but effective approach, to recover from our wounded state and rediscover our true nature.

The approach is characterized by the absence of pressure or confrontation to access our deepest internal spaces.

Observing our wounds and taking the path to heal them is the key to relating healthily and not being slaves to our history, and is, therefore, a wonderful liberation.

How to partake in the Learning Love model?

As a facilitator and therapist of the Learning to Love model, I invite you in March 2024 to a 3-day Workshop called "De la Co-dependencia al Amor". In it we will be able to understand how we create dysfunction in our lives and relationships, and how to start the path to healthy relationships with ourselves and with others.

Additionally, I offer individual and group therapeutic sessions, based on the Learning to Love model. I invite you to consult my Calendar and contact to me if you have any concerns.

I hope to see you at the Workshop in March or in a session soon.

With love,

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