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For Women

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Conscious Womanhood

Reflection groups or workshops for women are an opportunity to explore

what it means for each of us to be a woman, without conditions or rules about how we should live. They provide a space for sisterhood, where we can share our difficulties and concerns, as well as our resources and essence.

Conscious womanhood

Conscious Womanhood

with Vanina Kala and Manjula


As women, we often find ourselves in situations and relationships that challenge us in our daily lives. When it comes to how we believe we should look, behave, or speak as women, lovers, wives, mothers, and friends, we try to meet our expectations as well as those of our families and society.


Such factors deplete our vital energy and most importantly, distance us from our essence.

During our days together, we will explore our essence through meditation, movement, dance, and open sharing. We will meet our inner woman and explore what it means for each of us to be a woman without conditioning or rules about how we should live. We will also experience what it feels like to be with other women in a space of vulnerability, love and sisterhood.


The facilitators:

Manjula Xenia Graziano:

Learning Love Institute certified teacher, prenatal and childbirth therapy school operator, SE® - Somatic Experiencing® practitioner. Osho Meditation Resort Pune certified facilitator of various meditative therapies.

Kala Vanina Waizmann:

PhD in psychology, specialized in individual and group psychotherapy, master’s in nonprofit management. Learning Love Institute certified teacher.

Reflection groups for women over 60

Reflection Groups for Women Over 60

(8 sessions)

This is a period of reflection to address not only age-related concerns, but also ways to understand and express views on other related issues based on our shared experiences.


We will create a nurturing space where we can share our wisdom, learn, deepen our self-knowledge, and support each other to emerge with a greater sense of connectedness, clarity, and vitality.

Groups for Women Over 60

Topics for reflection are not fixed and are tailored to what emerges in the group. 

Possible topics include:

  1. Being on or off-axis

  2. Healthy vs. toxic relationships

  3. Anxiety, fear, and stress

  4. Body shame. Changes in the body

  5. Expectations in our relationships

  6. Healthy boundaries

  7. Conflict resolution

  8. Ageism

  9. Age-related fears

  10.  Jealousy and envy


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