I am a Psychologist with an integrative approach of combining techniques to tailor a process specifically for you, and taking your life experiences as part of your process for growth.
I started my journey with a lot of "academic" education, thinking degrees and research in clinical psychology would make me a better psychotherapist. Only later on, I started my spiritual path and discovered teachers around the world that understood exactly what I was going through. Not only did they help me heal myself, they also shared the way so I could help others. It took me years to combine my work with the learnings I got from both the more academic and the spiritual, the west and the east, research and self- discovery to develop structures and techniques to feel better, and break free from difficulties in a faster, more efficient way than many other treatments.

For more than two decades now, I have dedicated myself to learn, teach and spread what I have learned.
If this resonates with you, I invite you to jump into the journey with me.


Please contact me by email or by filling the form below for a free online 30 minute consultation.

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