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5 steps for change | Living With Totality

Updated: Apr 26

Every time we want to make a change that is in our hands (not when we want others or reality to change), we must take different steps to do it with strength and make it happen. The steps are the following:

1. The first step is AWARENESS. Awareness on what?

Awareness that a change must be made, that it is necessary to do something to get out of the place we are in, that it is uncomfortable and even painful. Another thing that is very important to be aware of is everything we do that interferes with being able to take the steps for that change. Examples can be addictions, minimizing painful situations, believing that things can settle on their own when they haven't for years, pleasing, controlling, among others.

2. A fundamental step, and that many times we try to skip, is to FEEL.

As I always say, HEALING happens by FEELING. Many times, we fear feeling because we think we are going to die of pain, or we are not going to be able to move on, or fear will be impossible to regulate, but the reality is that emotions have their course and need to be felt without being interrupted. Like waves, they do their own process, they rise and fall on their own, if we let them.

3. Once we have given ourselves the space and time to feel, INTUITION.

Intuition can begin to give us information about small steps that we can take in the direction of change. SMALL ONES! Sometimes we get scared because we think of steps that are too big for the resources we have today, but if we take small steps, we can regulate our nervous system as we take them, slowly.

4. Then we can take a small FIRST step.

The key here is to do it little by little and slowly, so that our system can regulate itself, and that we can strengthen our abilities with each step we take. This step requires courage.

5. And finally, PERSEVERANCE.

Many times, we deceive ourselves, out of fear, we say to ourselves: "I already tried, and it didn't work!" The key here is to take that first step and to be constant, to keep doing it. In this way we will create new neural pathways, we will contribute to our neuroplasticity, and we will get better and better at it. First times are difficult, because they are new, because we are nervous, and because we are inexperienced, but perseverance help us move forward.

I invite you to do this process with something small that you would like to change. With love

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