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The bridge between psychology, science and spirituality | Living With Totality

In my quest to better understand the world around me and how to heal it, I need to intertwine psychology, science and spirituality. 

As a therapist, researcher and meditator, I have always been interested in studying the relationship and interconnectedness between these three spheres. This article delves into the nexus of these disciplines, shedding light on their intertwined nature and implications.

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Science was my flag for the first 15 years of my career. As a researcher in Clinical Psychology, teaching scientific research methodology, epistemology and so many other subjects associated with what we call science today, I can say that I love reading papers and looking at statistical analyses, but without incorporating other elements, science as we understand it today has limitations, and, in my opinion, serious consequences.

Anyway, the idea of measuring what works and what doesn't is always valuable. The problem is that not everything that is, is measurable, at least with the instruments we have today. Having said that, it is relevant to read papers and study evidence-based techniques and models (but not to get married to them!).

Psychology and Psychotherapy

I am a psychologist, so I am clearly biased because I love psychology, that marvelous discipline that offers insights into consciousness, emotions, and behavior patterns. As a psychotherapist, I love to work with my patients and groups, to disarm all that is in the middle between us and the life we want to live. There are an infinite number of psychotherapeutic models and techniques, but the key, always, is the link we make with our patients, reparentizing them and giving them what they did not receive, so that they can begin to become those fathers and mothers they needed, for themselves.

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Teaching at Florida International University


I discovered this world through meditation more than 15 years ago, and today it is a vital part of my life. The connection with what is bigger than oneself, the certainty that we are sustained and that we are part of a bigger plan, the connection with the whole. Today I include in my work and personal life meditation, energy and vibrational assisted therapies, and therapies where we achieve expanded states of consciousness.

Science examines human spirituality through disciplines such as physics and biology, exploring biochemical reactions and electromagnetic fields. This scientific inquiry deepens our understanding of the dynamic interplay between matter and spirituality. 

It has always been a personal goal of mine -which one day I'll be able to fulfill- to measure a patient's brain activity through electrodes and capturing how the electric behavior responds to certain stimuli of my specialty. We could start with a Non-Dual transmission or a Kundalini Awakening Practice, why not.

New Paradigm

We are facing paradigm shifts where including energy, meditation, somatic, and even psychedelics, when legal (more on this later), cannot be left out when thinking about psychotherapy. The same with evidence-based or research-based therapies. We cannot disregard the 3 (or more) legs of the table: the scientific, the psychological and the spiritual.

That is why I created Living With Totality, a platform designed to help people, like you and me, reach their full potential. We combine western psychology, eastern and spiritual therapies and our passion for what we do, to support individuals in letting go of what no longer serves them so they can discover their true essence and potential.  

I invite you to read more on my way of working by having a look at my About Me and my Blog.

With love,

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