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The 3 key points of meditation | Living With Totality

Discovering bliss: The profound importance of meditation in our lives

Today, let's journey together into the realm of meditation, where the mind finds peace. Nowadays, connecting with ourselves is a precious gift, and meditation offers us that key. However, that key is not always attached to a calmness state: meditation connects us to our inner self, which can sometimes, but not always, be tranquility; other times it can be sadness, anguish, rage, and a wide pallete of other feelings.

So, let's explore why meditation is an invaluable practice, when the best times to meditate are and lastly, what essentials we need to embark on this path of inner discovery.

1. Why meditate?

Imagine a space where your thoughts gently settle like leaves drifting down a river. This is the essence meditation invites you to explore. In the heart of life's daily hustle, meditation becomes the sanctuary where we can reunite with our innermost selves. It's a sacred pause in the middle of the chaos.

Meditation nourishes our emotional well-being and allows us, at least for a moment, to tap into our deepest desires, struggles, memories, or even traumas. With each breath, we release what no longer serves us, and with each inhale, we invite in calmness and clarity. It's a practice of self-love, a gentle reminder that despite life's setbacks, we deserve moments of stillness.

2. Best times of day to meditate

Meditation too has its moments of grace. The early morning is an ideal time to meditate. The energies are fresh, and as we meditate, we invite positivity to embrace our upcoming day. Also, the tranquil evenings offer a chance to unwind, reflect, and gather the scattered fragments of our thoughts. Both these times create a perfect backdrop for your meditation canvas, but it is important to keep in mind; the best time is the one that aligns with your routine. Meditation must not be forced, but fit smoothly into your schedule.

3. What do I need to meditate?

Embracing meditation is simpler than a breath of air. You don't need much; just your intention and a few essentials to set the stage for your meditation journey:

A quiet corner: Find a spot that resonates with tranquility, where your soul can stretch, undisturbed.

Comfortable cushion: Let your body relax on a cushion that cradles you in comfort.

Soft lighting or vivid sunlight: Whether it's the warm candlelight or dim lamps, let soft lighting create an ambiance of serenity. Alternatively, the warmth of sunlight is the perfect companion.

Breath and presence: The core of meditation lies in your breath. It's the bridge connecting your inner world with the outer. Allow your breath to guide you and bring your presence into each inhale and exhale.

Open heart: Let go of expectations and judgments. Approach meditation with an open heart, willing to embrace whatever arises.

Remember that meditation is a journey, not a destination. I gently invite you to let me accompany you on this journey. Click here to listen to my meditations on Spotify, all completely free and in Spanish.

With love,

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