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What happens after a KAP session? | Living With Totality

Updated: Mar 5

I have published numerous articles on what is the Kundalini Activation Process (known by its acronym in English, KAP) and recently, on how to prepare to attend a KAP session.

Now, it is natural that we talk about the flip side of the previous article: what happens after a KAP session, and also what can be done to maximize its effects. Here are some recommendations to understand and make the most of your KAP session.

what to do after a kap session

What can I feel after a KAP session?

After a KAP session, it is common to feel a wide range of effects. Some people experience a sense of mental clarity, while others channel it with more bodily effects, such as a decrease in anxiety symptoms.. It is important to remember that each person is unique and experiences may vary, but, after years as a Level 2 KAP Facilitator, during which I gave KAP to thousands of people, I can identify some patterns.

What are the effects of KAP in daily life?

Those who receive KAP report, among other things:

Rejection of toxic substances, habits, or unhealthy foods

Improvements in sleep onset and quality

Increase in energy and athletic performance

Sense of balance and well-being

Improvements in libido and lubrication

Good news (a raise, new job opportunities, etc.)

benefits of KAP kundalini

How long do the effects of a KAP session last?

Experience indicates that KAP is a cumulative process: Some people activate and feel a lot as soon as the first session. Others may not feel much in the first session but start to feel more in subsequent sessions; it all depends on your sensitivity, commitment, and openness. It is important to allow the body and mind to integrate the experience and to be attentive to any changes or insights that may arise in the days following. Nonetheless, it's important to remember that each session is different, and to let go of expectations that something in particular might happen. The less you expect, the more that happens.

How to take care of your energy after a KAP session?

After your KAP session, there are a series of recommendations that Facilitators extend to participants.

  • Avoid consuming drugs or alcohol, stay away from harmful substances for at least 48 hours (ideally, forever).

  • To maintain your vibration elevated, it is recommended to follow a vegetarian diet for the 48 hours following the session.

  • Stay well hydrated and nourished.

  • We invite you to take care of your energy and avoid being around toxic people, as well as conflicting situations.

  • Try to be gentle with yourself and listen to what your body is asking for.

  • Connect with nature: walk barefoot on grass, soil, or sand, to ground yourself.

  • You can take immersion baths with magnesium salts.

  • If you experience a headache, it is normal: avoid, if possible, taking painkillers, as it is simply an expansion of your consciousness.

  • You may wake up in the middle of the night after the session (or more than once). This is completely normal, as vital energy continues to flow through your body.

If you would like to have a KAP session with me and experiment these benefits, do not hesitate to contact me via Instagram @living_with_totality, check out my Calendar or send me an email at

With love,

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