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How to prepare for a KAP session | Living With Totality

Updated: Apr 26

Discover how to prepare properly for a KAP (Kundalini Awakening Practices) session and maximize the benefits of this energetic practice. Follow these tips for a more meaningful and rewarding experience.

Firstly, let's recap:

What is KAP?

The Kundalini Activation Process, or KAP, is a transformative practice that seeks to awaken and activate one's own Kundalini energy. This vital energy descends from the crown chakra, located at the crown of the head, to the root chakra, located at the base of the spine, and then begins to circulate in both directions.

What is a KAP session?

During a KAP session (lasting between one hour to 75 minutes), a KAP Facilitator transmits the activation of both the Kundalini energy (our vital energy) and non-dual states of consciousness. It is a transmission from the Facilitator to the participant, and not a self-generation of Kundalini energy by the participants through exercises (as in other practices like Kundalini Yoga or certain types of breathing).

in person kap session

Preparing for a KAP session

Preparing properly for a KAP session can make the difference between a superficial experience and a truly transformative one. Here are some tips to help you prepare:

  1. Do not eat anything at least 3 hours before the session and do not consume alcohol or substances within 24 hours prior to the session (ideally, never). This helps the energy to flow more easily in the session.

  2. Dress comfortably: Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that allows you to move freely during the session. Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes that may restrict your movement or make you uncomfortable during the practice. You may have an immobile experience, but you may also find yourself standing on your head or dancing on your mat.

  3. Prepare your space: Create a calm and relaxing environment for your KAP session:

    1. If you are at home having an online session, I invite you to maintain dim lighting and find a space where other people do not circulate. Place a yoga mat in front of the camera and make sure you have enough space around you, unobstructed by furniture or objects.

    2. If your session is in person, the Facilitator will take care of organizing the space. I invite you to have nothing else on your mat besides yourself and make sure to turn off your phone so it does not bother you (or others) throughout the session.

  4. Keep an open mind: KAP can generate deeply transformative and sometimes unexpected experiences. Keep an open and receptive mind to whatever may arise during the session, without judging or resisting the experiences that occur. Try not to have expectations so you can receive the gifts of the session. Your inner intelligence knows exactly where to go, and sometimes that means not feeling much in some sessions. Feeling more or moving more is not synonymous with a better experience. In fact, my best sessions are immobile but very profound sessions.

preparing for kap session

Whether you are an experienced KAP practitioner or are thinking of immersing yourself in this experience for the first time, you are in luck. There are more than 200 KAP Facilitators around the world offering sessions in person or online. As an ex-Level 2 KAP Facilitator, I invite you to check my Calendar to book your next session and to follow me on @living_with_totality to find out about all the KAP sessions I do with other Facilitators, whether online or in different parts of the world.

With love

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