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Myths and truths about the Kundalini Activation Process (KAP) | Living With Totality

Updated: Apr 26

Kundalini awakening practices, such as Kundalini Activation Process (KAP) have captured the attention of more and more people in recent years, and has aroused both criticism and fervent followers who surround these practices. 

Criticisms made against the KAP

This practice has received a lot of criticism and has been described as “pseudoscience”, or as exorcism, or even as a satanic practice. I have heard and read numerous quite unfounded and biased comments. The truth is that there is no scientific study, yet, that shows the benefits of KAP in our nervous, immune, or reproductive systems, and in the activation of neuronal connections in our brain.

However, in my time as a KAP Facilitator (and in my contact with dozens of Facilitators from all over the world) I have and we have experienced that the practice of KAP can have tangible effects on the body and mind (and in life!). The free flow of Kundalini energy has been associated with changes in brain activity and improvements in mental health. The transmission of states of non-duality connects us with what we are, with our truth, and the clarity that appears is healing.

I am now no longer a KAP facilitator, but not because of the practice in itself, which is wonderful, but because of institutional issues that do not align with my values. And also because I am a free bird, and I have learned other energy practices that I integrate in my sessions and KAP is a container that became too small for what I do. I still give Kundalini energy and Non-Dual transmission sessions, of course. I just feel the need to integrate this and the power of vibration into my work as a psychotherapist and meditation facilitator. 

miami group kap session

Group KAP session in Miami with more than 30 participants.

Experiences and testimonies of KAP session participants

But even if there are no scientific studies per se (which I would love to do, through electrodes on the participants that measure brain activity); a simple observational research is possible, evaluating the reports of the participants in the sessions and after them. For now, I leave you with some experiences and testimonies from KAP session participants so that you have an idea of what to expect (although the motto is always to go without expectations):

"I feel very good, I feel that the connection with my body is certain, there are several dimensions that unfolded yesterday, in my case I also feel that I started days before with changes that had been brewing. As for my energy, it is like connected too."
"A unique experience, inexplicable for someone who watched his videos and said 'I'm going without expectations because that's not going to happen to me.' (...) Without words, totally grateful, and the radical change that gave me back the desire to do, to feel, but above all to meet again with the person I was. Thank you!
"What a beauty yesterday, I'm happy. The connection was very great (...) Laughter and crying...I connected with my dad, so thank you."

There is a lot of talk about whether attending Kundalini awakening sessions brings tangible benefits to the participants. The reality is that, based on the experiences and testimonies of those who have attended my KAP sessions for a long time, I can trace certain patterns or common reactions among the vast majority of them:

  • States of great peace, relaxation or pleasure

  • Release of emotions

  • Astral travel or past lives

  • Channeled information

  • Unlocks stagnant or trapped energy

  • Greater degree of awareness

  • Awakening of vital energy

  • Regulation of the nervous system

  • Improvements in sleep conciliation and quality

  • Release of tensions or energies trapped in the body, as if old traumas stored in the body could finally be released

  • Improvements in energy and lubrication of women in menopause

  • Pregnancies after years of searching and doing treatments

  • Rejection of unhealthy substances or foods (“I stopped smoking”, “I can't eat meat anymore”, etc.)

  • Setting limits that were necessary.

  • Away from toxic people or people who no longer vibrate with one's energy (or one has raised their vibration and can no longer be with the same people).

  • Good news without effort (“They offered me a new job without going looking for it and they pay me double”, “I keep receiving abundance”, etc.)

  • …among many others

Of course these experiences are very personal, and we cannot predict what it will be like in your case, but I can tell you on a personal level that my KAP changed my life (and I come from the of science, I am a Doctor in Psychology and all this is crazy for my scientific head). The process is gentle, because it is your own energy that is unblocked and elevated, and each session is different, so, if you are a fervent energy atheist or an agnostic, I invite you to I encourage you to try a few sessions and see what changes appear in your life. The magic happens there, in your daily life, and it is impossible not to notice it.

vanina living with totality kap

How to participate in a Kundalini Awakening Practice?

The good news is that there are online KAP sessions every day and in all time zones by many Facilitators that you can try. Each of us has a different energy and a unique quality.

For my part, and as a former KAP Level 2 Facilitator, I am giving KAP sessions wherever I am in the world -in person and online, individual and group - (mainly in Miami or Buenos Aires). In order to know all the upcoming dates and places where I will be giving KAP, I invite you to consult my Calendar, subscribe to my Newsletter and follow me on Instagram on @living_with_totality . I hope to see you soon for your first - or next - KAP session and that we raise our energies, together.

With love,

signature vanina kala waizmann

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