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Everything you need to know about a KAP Facilitator | Living With Totality

Updated: Apr 26

The mysteries of mind and spirit have been an inexhaustible source of exploration throughout history. In this quest, the practice we know today as the Kundalini Activation Process, or KAP was founded.

But what role does a KAP Facilitator play in this process? What are the differences between a Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 KAP Facilitator? This article will provide you with a complete overview of everything related to a KAP Facilitator.

What is a KAP Facilitator?

A KAP Facilitator is a person trained in the Kundalini Activation Process and their role is essential in helping participants navigate this transformative process in a safe and caring way, activating the transmission of 2 energies: the Kundalini energy or one's own vital energy and the state of non-duality. To become a KAP Facilitator, you must complete a training program that includes practice and study in non-duality.

What does the Facilitator do in a KAP session?

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In a KAP session, a Facilitator begins by creating a safe and conducive space for the process. During the session, set to selected, premeditated music, the Facilitator does not give or take energy from the participants, but activates his or her own Kundalini energy to flow through their bodies. He may also touch or press certain points, meridians or chakras in the participants' bodies. And that is all that happens on the outside (besides the emotional or movement reactions of the participants, of course). What happens on the inside of the participant, however, is a completely different story.

Also, at the end of the session, the Facilitator opens a safe space for dialogue so that everyone can share their individual experiences, as well as provide those who attended with recommendations and final reflections.

What are the differences between a KAP Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Facilitator?

KAP Facilitators are divided into three levels, each with its own responsibilities and expertise.

  • Level 1: KAP Facilitator. This is the one who knows the basic techniques of KAP, they are qualified to lead KAP sessions both face-to-face and online, group or individual.

  • Level 2: Non-Dual Transmission Facilitator. Level 2 is the most in-depth and the only level currently offered by Venant Wong himself, the founder of KAP. This training is for those who have already gained experience and have already gone through the first stages of KAP as a Level 1 facilitator and are open to discovering new depths and possibilities of this modality. In this way, they can expand personally and professionally as KAP Facilitators and facilitate non-duality immersions (two days of immersion in KAP sessions and non-duality transmission sessions).

  • Level 3: KAP Trainers. KAP Trainers are hand-picked and personally trained by Venant Wong so that they can train new Level 1 KAP Facilitators.

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As a KAP Level 2 Facilitator, I invite you to subscribe to my Newsletter and check my Calendar to be aware of all the KAP sessions that I will be giving, both in person and online, in the coming months. I hope to see you soon for your first KAP session.

With love,

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